Maintenance ensures longer service life for your awning, roller grilles and other Alux products

Maintenance is important to avoid wear and tear and subsequent damages to your awning or roller grilles/shutters.
Such mechanical sunlight protection and security products are affected by use, weather and wind and therefore these impacts must be addressed on an ongoing basis.
We have created this site with advice and guidance on how to best care for your Alux products to ensure they have a long service life. In the short term, proper maintenance can save you unnecessary service visits and, in the worst case, downtime with subsequent repair.
In the articles below you will find some very specific advice on how you can make sure that the awning/grille continues to function well.

If you need any kind of service or repair for your Alux rolling grid or rolling shutter, just contact your nearest dealer of mechanical security shutters.


  • Maintenance of roller grilles and shutters


    Alux’s roller grilles and roller shutters are composed of moving parts and therefore, as a general rule, they must be inspected and maintained annually.
    This will increase the longgevity of your shutter/grille.

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