Window Shutters

Alux roller shutters are security solution and sunlight protection in one. You get an exterior shielding for your windows both against sunlight and against uninvited guests.
Roller shutters are widely used in southern European countries for both of these purposes. Especially because the shutters also generate some insulation, thus keeping the heat out of the house.
Here in the Nordic countries, where the weather is cooler, roller shutters can be used on the windows to keep the heat in and the cold out.
The shutters are also increasingly used in stores with a fruit and vegetable section, where an entire area must be kept cool when the shop is closed. This is an elegant and neat solution that is easy to operate.


  • Window Shutter Safe 2000

    Window Shutters

    Alux roller shutters/roller gates are made of foamed aluminium slats and are therefore suitable for enclosures in areas where less heat loss is necessary than at uninsulated products. For example, they are ideal at stalls and fruit and vegetable sections, in supermarkets, at outdoor catering establishments, garages and storerooms.

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