Security for Goods and Equipment in the Shop with a Roller Shutter Cabinet

The roller shutter cabinet Safe 4000 gives you security for those goods which are particularly susceptible to theft. Everything from electronic goods to alcohol and tobacco products can be stored safely in the cabinet.

With the roller shutter cabinet Safe 4000 you get a compact unit for securing your goods, which are highly desirable to thieves. The cabinet is suited for storing everything from tobacco, alcohol and medicine to cameras, weapons or other high-value objects.

Not surprisingly the Safe 4000 cabinet is very popular amongst shopkeepers, but the cabinet is also very suited for storage of various types of electronic equipment such as servers and lab tops. The shutter cabinet can be delivered with our well-known grille mats and meet other and more specific requirements in this way. The cabinet is delivered without wall tracks and shelves, but it is produced with the purpose of accommodating most shelf systems, which come in module measurements of 900 mm.

What You get:

  • The highest security class
  • Efficient and solid solution
  • Ready for module measurements
  • Shutter mats optional
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  • Code Switch Cody 2
    Code Switch Cody 2
    Code switch Cody is a more secure solution for control. Here the employees can have each their own code. The keys with arrows on the Cody 2 must be pressed down for the grille to move
    • Stylish design
    • Safe solution
    • Many pass codes
  • Key Switch
    Key Switch
    Key switch for control of roller grilles. The most frequently applied control. The switch is designed so that the grille only runs as long as the key is being actively turned. The switch is delivered with Ruko cylinder.
    • The control most frequently used

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