Roller shutter cabinets – Tobacco cabinets

Shutter cabinets are used to create a secure area for items, which are especially attractive to thieves. Especially shops - and supermarkets in particular - make use of this form of protection for tobacco and spirits - thus the term tobacco cabinets. Others use shutter cabinets to secure electronics, medicines, spot products and similar articles, which thieves often aim for.
At the same time, it is also possible to screen off items that should not be visible on a daily basis, and this gives a preventive effect in relation to theft.
A shutter cabinet can be opened and closed as needed several times a day with the help of a simple switch, and is therefore usable for many different security and screening needs in specialty shops, stores and supermarkets.


  • Roller Shutter Cabinet Safe 4000

    Roller Shutter Cabinets

    • The highest security class
    • Efficient and solid solution
    • Ready for module measurements
    • Shutter mats optional
    The roller shutter cabinet Safe 4000 gives you security for those goods which are particularly susceptible to theft. Everything from electronic goods to alcohol and tobacco products can be stored safely in the cabinet.

Two cabinet designs

Alux offers 2 types of roller shutter cabinets – the Safe 4000 Roller Shutter Cabinet with straight front, and the Safe 5000 with a bevelled front, which improves the exposure of the secured items when the cabinet is open. This is an advantage in e.g. supermarkets, where the items on the top shelves should be as visible as possible.
Both types are available in modular dimensions of 900 mm in up to 4 modules - prepared for standard shelf systems. The security level of these cabinets in the standard version with standard roller shutters are in red security classification.

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