SafeRoller Roller Shutter – a Small and Elegant Security Solution

The SafeRoller safety curtain gives you efficient security against break-in and theft. The small and elegant roller shutter can easily be integrated into any office or shop.

With a SafeRoller shutter you have an efficient product which offers security against uninvited guests. The roller shutter is similar to a normal venetian blind, allowing you to leave the office with a window open for example. With the Venetian pulled down you will still be protected against break-in.
SafeRoller can be delivered with closed or perforated slats. Closed slats are ideal for blackout of rooms, whilst the perforated slats will give you a pleasant indoor climate without compromising on security.
Also available with an integrated internal roller blind in many colours and patterns.


The shutter can be supplied in accordance with EN 1627-30 in RC2 at a maximum width of 1,500 mm. Would you like to know more about the new security grille standards?
For the SafeRoller roller shutter a wide selection of controls is available, from the simple key contact to management via mobile phone or other mobile units.


Read more about roller grilles and roller shutters here


What You Get:

  • Small and elegant solution
  • Stylish design
  • Closed or perforated slats
  • Width up to 3 metres
  • Height up to 3 metres
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  • Code Switch Cody 2
    Code Switch Cody 2
    Code switch Cody is a more secure solution for control. Here the employees can have each their own code. The keys with arrows on the Cody 2 must be pressed down for the grille to move
    • Stylish design
    • Safe solution
    • Many pass codes
  • Key Switch
    Key Switch
    Key switch for control of roller grilles. The most frequently applied control. The switch is designed so that the grille only runs as long as the key is being actively turned. The switch is delivered with Ruko cylinder.
    • The control most frequently used
  • Relay Box for 2 motors
    Relay Box for 2 motors
    Relay box for 2 motors makes it possible to control 2 roller grilles/shutters at the same time via either a key switch or a code switch.
  • ShutterControl
    Shutter control enables control of several roller grilles and roller shutters together by means of alarm or the like.
    • Enables control via alarm
  • Centero Mobile Control
    Centero Mobile Control
    Central automation for the home by Elero. With a Centero you can control the technology of the whole building, in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the special app where the programmed units are registered automatically several users can have access to Centero via smartphone or tablet. Centero can be connected to all of our motorised security solutions: • Roller Grilles • Roller Shutters • SafeRollers
    download material
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