Saferoller - a Unique Private Security Solution for Windows and Doors

The safety curtain Saferoller is a stylish and functional design solution for securing the windows and doors, traditionally the weakest points of the home.

Saferoller is a relatively new product on the Danish market. This unique safety curtain is especially suitable as a safety solution for offices, homes and cottages, because it offers solar protection as well and has a design, which is easily integrated into interior decoration. With the Saferoller rolled down completely, windows and doors can be left open so that fresh air from nature can move freely through the slats of the curtain. This way you get a pleasant indoor climate, whilst securing your home against intruders.

With Saferoller Combi the roller curtain is combined with a normal textile curtain which is available in a large selection of colours and patterns.

For Safe 4000 a wide selection of controls is available, from the simple key contact to management via mobile phone or other mobile units.

Saferoller is a patented system and is tested in accordance with European standards for security products for windows and doors. Read more about the benefits of this security curtain.

This is a description and demonstration of Saferoller (in Danish):

What You Get:

  • Stylish design
  • Security and solar protection in one
  • Many unique solutions
  • Width up to 3 metres
  • Height up to 3 metres
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  • Code Switch Cody 2
    Code Switch Cody 2
    Code switch Cody is a more secure solution for control. Here the employees can have each their own code. The keys with arrows on the Cody 2 must be pressed down for the grille to move
    • Stylish design
    • Safe solution
    • Many pass codes
  • Key Switch
    Key Switch
    Key switch for control of roller grilles. The most frequently applied control. The switch is designed so that the grille only runs as long as the key is being actively turned. The switch is delivered with Ruko cylinder.
    • The control most frequently used
  • Relay Box for 2 motors
    Relay Box for 2 motors
    Relay box for 2 motors makes it possible to control 2 roller grilles/shutters at the same time via either a key switch or a code switch.
  • Centero Mobile Control
    Centero Mobile Control
    Central automation for the home by Elero. With a Centero you can control the technology of the whole building, in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the special app where the programmed units are registered automatically several users can have access to Centero via smartphone or tablet. Centero can be connected to all of our motorised security solutions: • Roller Grilles • Roller Shutters • SafeRollers
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