Window protection with fixed steel grilles

Fixed steel grilles are a cheaper option than the more advanced roller grilles with motor, but at least equally efficient. Fixed grilles are used where there is no need for the grilles to be removed on a daily basis. The grilles can be fixed or removable, and the latter can be fitted with hinges to make them retractable. Alux fixed grilles are manufactured in steel or aluminium and in several security levels.


  • Fixed Grille Safe 2000

    Fixed Grilles

    • Three levels of security
    • A rock-solid solution
    • Good price
    • All RAL colours
    • 3 mounting options: Fixed, detachable or pivotable
    With the fixed grille Safe 2000 you get a fixed grille at an affordable price. Choose between 3 security classes. Suited for stock and industrial applications et cetera.
  • Fixed Grille Safe 3000

    Fixed Grilles

    • Solid solution
    • Modern look
    • Light and elegant design
    • Security in steel and aluminium
    • Width up to 3 meters
    • Height up to 1.4 meters
    • 3 mounting options: Fixed, detachable or pivotable
    • Available in RC3
    Fixed grille Safe 3000 is a modern solution if you're looking for a simple but eye-catching security solution at work.
  • Fixed Grille Safe 4000 Type Elegance

    Fixed Grilles

    • Nearly invisible
    • Light and elegant
    • Beautiful design
    • Width up to 3 meters
    • Height up to 1.4 meters
    With Fixed Grille Safe 4000 Type Elegance you get an almost invisible security solution for the office, the lunch room etc.

A lot of options for mounting

You have the choice between fixed, swiveling or detachable grilles. Fixed grilles are used at places where there's no need to remove the grille. Examples include skylight windows, cellar windows or other openings, where you don't want anything to pass through.

A swiveling or detachable grille can be used at places that are used as an emergency exit, or if you want the option to polish the window. If this is the case the grille will be fitted with locks and hinges.

Fixed grilles are produced with different levels of security - also in RC3.

Click here and see the approved grilles made by Alux.

If you want something really unique, we have a security solution which is made entirely from see through polycarbonate. It is mounted on the inside of the window. This solution is perfect for buildings where it is important that the security isn't visible and doesn’t affect the look of the building. This is the type called Safe 4000 Elegance.

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