Securing the stalls of the biggest grocery market in the country.

Here in Torvehallerne the SafeRoller safety curtain is very useful. It contributes with both security and visibility between the stands at Torvehallerne.

The two halls are the architectural centres of Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. In the halls two parasol-like stands are built in glass and steel. These stands are opened and closed with Alux SafeRoller. It is a small and elegantly designed shutter, which is integrated into the construction of the stand, and it is completely invisible when the stands are open. The shutters are performed in perforated slats to give a lighter look and to make it possible to look into the shops when the shutters are rolled down. Guide rails in the corners are detachable and removable in the opening hours if requested. At the same time it gives the stands the impression of additional lightness. All SafeRoller solutions include a motor and are operated with a key switch.

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  • Shop Security
  • Alux SafeRoller
Security Solutions
  • National Gallery of Art


    • Roller grilles and shutters
    • High level of security
    National Gallery of Art is secured in every way, and here Alux played an important role as well.
  • Shop security at shops in Kronen Shopping Center


    • Shop Security
    • Roller Shutters and Grilles
    Once again, Alux is one of the main suppliers when it comes to store security at a shopping centre. This time in autumn 2017 in the capital region, with the building of the Kronen Vanløse. The beautiful shopping centre opened its doors for dining guests, casual guests, and shoppers in October.
  • SafeRoller is in HUSET


    • Security Solutions for Private Homes
    • Alux SafeRoller Security Shutter
    In the exhibition house in Middelfart, Denmark it is now possible to experience how the safety curtain SafeRoller works.

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