Have a 24 hours a day open house - with no intruders!

A good indoor climate is important for the body, while a safe indoor environment is essential to the soul. Now you can kill two birds with one stone with SafeRoller, the unique safety curtain, which allows you to open up and draw in air without having to worry about intruders.


Can a curtain protect against burglary?

With still more armoured glass, grilles, surveillance and security systems in the Danish companies and shops, the criminals are unfortunately targeting the private homes where it is somewhat easier to get to values. A private alarm makes a difference, but it does not necessarily mean any big difference for the hardened criminal. The challenges need to be larger. And besides that, an alarm in the home may make the nights problematic, because it is not always easy to create freedom of movement and security in the home's different areas at the same time. Until now!


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How does SafeRoller Safety Curtain work?

SafeRoller is elegant and functional safety curtains in aluminium for doors and windows. With SafeRoller, you can leave doors and windows wide open, roll down the curtain and be sure that the intruder cannot get through and enter your home. This means that you can create draught on hot summer days, even if you are not at home or fiddling around at the back of the garden. Likewise SafeRoller on the bedroom windows will give you and your family a quiet and super comfortable sleep all year round.

SafeRoller is developed and patented by the Danish company Alux A/S, who was elected security company of the year in 2013. Managing director Bill Jensen tells: "SafeRoller is inspired by the shop grilles but further developed into an elegant and functional solution for the home. SafeRoller is available for doors and windows up to 3 meters and is tested in accordance with all European safety standards. Customers can choose between several colours and with or without perforation of the slats that let light and air in, "says Bill Jensen, and continues:" SafeRollers can secure an entire house, if you mount it everywhere, but it can also be an ideal solution for selected and particularly vulnerable doors and windows in connection with an alarm solution, which is divided into several zones. Then the alarm can be switched on in the entire house during the day, and partly at night, where you may use the SafeRollers to create cool and safe sleeping quarters with lots of freedom of movement because the alarm does not need to be switched on here."
SafeRoller is therefore also ideal for the homeowners, who are finding it difficult to get a proper alarm solution as they have a dog or a cat in their home. Here you can secure an area for your pet with SafeRollers, where it can move freely, and at the same time you are both protecting your home and treating your pet to fresh air on those hot summer days.

Select the security solution that suits you

SafeRoller is available in several colours and also with or without perforations of the slats. Without perforations, the curtain at the same time functions as a black-out curtain. With perforations you ensure that light and air is let in, while burglars and insects must stay out.
SafeRoller is beautiful in itself but if you want a slightly softer look you can add a textile curtain to the solution. You can operate your SafeRollers manually with key or remote control, or directly from your Smartphone or mobile device.

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