Protect your valuables with an Alux roller shutter cabinet

Roller shutter cabinets are used to create a secure area for items which are especially attractive to thieves. This could include anything from tobacco and liquor to electronics or weapons. Normally, these cabinets are used in supermarkets as tobacco display/storage cabinets. The shutter opens at the bottom by turning a key switch, and the alu-mat is pushed up on a roller at the top. When you run the shutter back down, it locks at the bottom, securing the items inside.

Two cabinet designs

Alux offers two types of grille cabinets – the Safe 4000 with straight sides, and the Safe 5000 with a bevelled front for better viewing of the protected goods.
Both types can be supplied in modular dimensions of 900 mm in up to 4 modules - designed for standard shelf systems.

The security classification of these cabinets in the standard version is red.

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