About Roller Grilles and Roller Shutters

Alux supply both roller grilles and roller shutters. Grilles with either perforated slats or open mesh are available. There are also closed-slat shutters. There are several variations within each type to cater for different needs and design requirements. Often your choice will be influenced by the level of security required, but you do have some choice with regard to design, which will allow you to find a solution that fits in with the architecture or style of the Building.

What are roller grilles and what can they do?

A roller grille is fitted over an opening that needs to be secured (door or window). It consists simply of a grille mesh on a roller. The mesh runs down through the guiding rails on either side, which are driven by a motor controlled by a key-operated switch as standard.

Roller grilles are available with perforated slats or with open meshes. Therefore, these types are often used for securing stores, where the security level is medium. In particular, a very safe 3000 type screen (with perforated slats) is used for shops, counters and office windows, and can also be used as sun protection. It is a slightly more modern and economical solution, which is also often used as a substitute for glass panels in shopping malls, as it is cheaper and easy to conceal under the ceiling.

The fully open mesh in a safe 4000 has the advantage of allowing a better view into the store. This type comes in several mesh sizes, since it is built with horizontal locking profiles and vertical loose slats. They are used in shops where the security level is high, and where maximum visibility is required. Bear in mind, however, that small hands can find their way through the openings, and if the pane is smashed, the store´s items will be at risk. This can be solved by selecting a shutter that is completely closed. They are also available in a transparent version, i.e. allowing you to see inside!

What are roller shutters, and are they the best security?

A roller shutter works in the same way as a rolling grille. Here, the grille mesh consists of fully closed slats instead of open/perforated ones. You can choose slats of aluminum or clear polycarbonate material if you want to have transparency.

Roller shutters are used mainly for access protection of doorways and other passages in businesses, stores, warehouses or similar, where nothing should be visible from the outside and a high level of security is required. The grilles are also used in our grille cabinets/tobacco cabinets for cell protection/point security of valuable items.

There are several differences between the various types of shutters. Firstly, the class of security indicates the level of resistance to attempted break-ins. There is also a difference in the material and thickness of the aluminium profiles, and whether they are single or double-walled. The Safe 2000 is constructed of steel, the Safe 3000 of aluminium, and the Safe 4000 is made of heavy aluminum. And then there is the high-end solution, the Safe 5000, in aluminium with polycarbonate slats, which is the Rolls Royce of roller shutters.

SafeRoller - how a curtain can protect you from burglary

The latest new product in the field of roller grilles/shutters is the SafeRoller, which is a small security curtain designed for the protection of homes and offices. This roller grille takes up very little space and the design is closer to that of a curtain than a grillle/roller. In addition, it offers more options, and can, among other things, be made with an integrated pulldown. Read more about the SafeRoller

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