About solid grilles for windows - fixed metal grilles

Fixed grilles are used where there is no need for the grilles to be removed on a daily basis. The grilles can be fixed or removable, and the latter can be fitted with hinges to make them retractable. Alux fixed grilles are manufactured in steel or aluminium and in several security levels.

Different types of fixed window grilles

The Safe 2000 fixed grille is a single welded grille in steel, which is usually supplied as a removable grille with hooks and eyelets. The Safe 2000 is used mainly for protection in industrial premises and storerooms and the like, where people don't normally spend time, as well as in skylights.

The Safe 3000 fixed grille is a more elegant grille in steel with side rails of aluminium, a removable lid with lock and a steel grille net. This type of grille is used mainly in offices, industrial premises and storage rooms, as well as in skylights. The design is modern and elegant, and allows the grille to be used in a greater range of applications.

The most elegant window security

Out of all of them we consider the Safe 4000 Elegance fixed grille to be the optimal design solution. This grille is constructed of polycarbonate and aluminium and its design is both stylish and elegant. So elegant, in fact, that it doesn't even look like a grille at all. It is a virtually invisible form of protection thanks to the transparent polycarbonate used, and you do not have the feeling of being closed in as you do with a conventional grille. This type is ideal for offices and other premises where people work on a daily basis.

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