About fire protection

Alux can help you with fire protection in 3 different ways. Fire shutters, fire curtains and smoke curtains. What you need where and when will depend to a certain extent on what security requirements exist in the area, but this will provide a short introduction to the differences between the various types available.

Fire shutters for both fire protection and security against theft

Fire shutters are used as protection against fire in passages and openings in buildings where fire protection is a requirement. They consist of double-walled, steel elements filled with promapyr mineral wool, which is a flame-retardant material. The shutter is connected to the alarm system and when the alarm is triggered, the shutter automatically rolls down preventing the fire from spreading. They lock automatically in the rolled-down position. Alux offers three versions, all of which are approved in accordance with international classifications. Safe 3000 in E-60, Safe 4000 Fire Shutter in EW-30-EW-120 and Safe 5000 Fire Shutter in EI-EI-30 to 120.

The great advantage of fire shutters is that, besides fire protection, they can also be used as a means of closing off the premises.

Fire curtains can also protect against fire

Fire curtains are used for the same purpose as fire shutters and can offer at least as great a degree of fire protection depending on which model you choose. The main differences are that fire curtains take up considerably less space, weigh less and cannot be used as protection against intrusion as fire shutters can. Some types can, however, be used as smoke curtains, too. We offer, as a basic solution, the Safe 4000 Fire Curtain, but should you require other options, we can certainly help with that.

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains are used to prevent the spread of smoke and combustion gases. Like the other fire protection solutions, the curtains automatically roll down when the alarm goes off.

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