About mechanical security: Roller Shutters and Grilles

Alux delivers several types of mechanical security both as anti-theft protection and fire protection. This concerns roller grilles, roller shutters, fixed grilles, scissor grilles, shutter cabinets/ tobacco cabinets and fire protection. All products are produced and delivered in quality materials according to Danish and/or European standards. But there is a difference between which product suits to which purpose. Here's a small guide to Alux Safe safety solutions.

Click on the individual product types at the bottom of this page and find more details, or go directly to the products via the front page and select your starting point (private or business).

What is it really?

Mechanical security and anti-theft solutions prevent burglars from getting access to shops, commercial buildings and private homes. It is the protection of all weak building parts such as doors and windows where the burglars usually try to get access.

All safety solutions are made to measure and according to wishes and needs, and they are mounted to fulfil the safety requirements in question. We do not compromise on neither quality nor safety. This is also why we are also ISO certified DS/EN 9001:2008 within design, installation and service, as well as maintenance of the mechanical security.

This is why you should choose mechanical anti-theft protection

When you select how to protect your home or your business, you have a wide range of options and it may be difficult to figure out what is the best solution. To a large extent, it is also a question of taste and temperament. But looking at the development of society, the need to secure our homes and businesses better increases. We do not want just to try to scare burglars away. We want to keep them completely out. Mechanical security ensures that the burglars do not get access to your home or your business by means of window and door protection.

What about fire protection?

Alux fire protection consists of fire curtains, fire shutters and smoke curtains. Also here it is a matter of access protection. Only now it is smoke and fire, which we want to keep out or in to prevent fire spread. The security is connected to the alarm system, and if the alarm sounds, the security closes down automatically.

This is how effective it is

The efficiency factor for mechanical security depends on the product selection (security class), automation and maintenance.

The security class indicates the resilience of the protection against an intruder attempt. This classification is an EU standard EN1627-30, according to which the products are tested at the Danish Technological Institute. Mechanical tests about reliability and quality are made internally at Alux according to set quality requirements on each product.

In general: the more automatic a system is, the better is the utilization coefficient. The problem with manual installations is that they are not being used enough. However, with an automatic installation you must remember to have safety equipment available. This is a statutory requirement for safety of persons reasons.

It is important that everything works in the best possible way, should the worst happen. Therefore it is also a statutory requirement that automatic installations are serviced at a minimum once a year. We recommend that a service agreement is drawn up – and then we will remember it for you.

How to find what you need

We have defined our product range according to our customer groups. This means that both on the front page and here to the right you can select how you want our solutions to be presented to you - as a private customer or as a business customer. When you click further into the page, you can see that the solutions are ranked according to a scale called 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000. The ranking is based on several parameters such as expansion possibilities, design, quality, functionality and price. Under each product you can see the automation options we can offer for the product in question.

(Click in as private customer and you will see that not many products are listed on the security page. This is simply because the market is focused on enterprises. But the solutions are easily applicable in private homes as well, so feel free to take a look at the solutions for enterprises also even if you are a private customer).

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