Security solutions for all commercial purposes

We have the perfect solution for you to protect your company or shop against theft. We offer many types of roller grilles, roller shutters, fixed grilles, scissor grilles and security cabinets in order to deliver you protection.
Select the type below and read more about the products.
The solutions are divided into five main groups from 1000-5000, where functionality, security class and price depend on the selected group.


By investing in Alux theft protection, you are investing in safety

At some point in our lives most of us experience a break-in, either in our company or our home. Some even more than one time. And no matter if you are a private citizen or run your own business, safety is important.

The most effective form of security is mechanical securities like a rolling shutter or permanent grille, which is also the most used solutions. Mechanical security stops a thief from physically entering through doors or windows. You don't need cameras or alarms, which the thief will just ignore anyway - no, it's “just” a grille, that he will have to use a lot of time and strength to get through. Security against theft doesn’t get simpler.

Alux security grilles have been thoroughly tested and approved by the newest standards. And of course, you can get your product in the specifications you want.

If you are looking for security for private homes, you should consider the safety curtain SafeRoller.

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