Keep the thief out of the clinic with elegant roller shutters and grilles

Unfortunately, it has become increasingly widespread that thieves go for clinics, and despite alarms, the thieves are often able to get away with technical equipment.
It is therefore important to thoroughly prevent against burglary and theft with the proper theft protection so that the clinics avoid losing valuable equipment, having to cancel multiple appointments and perhaps losing a large part of their customer base.

The theft protection may consist of several elements and may vary according to the individual clinic's needs and interior design, but with Alux security grilles and roller shutters, you simply get a protection that physically keeps the thieves out, rather than an alarm that only sounds when the thieves are on their way in. In addition, window and door grilles have a preventative effect, as they are more visible, thus discouraging the thieves from trying to break in.

Our solutions are tailor-made in terms of design, function and operation, and they are certified to the latest EU standards. With grilles and shutters approved in the RC2, RC3 and RC4 safety classes, Alux can therefore offer you security solutions that meet the requirements of your insurance company.

Read more about RC approved grilles here.

At Alux, we focus on optimum integration of the grilles and tailor all solutions to your needs and the layout of the property, so that the clinic security appears as discreet and elegant as possible in daily life.

Below you can see an example of how a dentist has chosen to secure himself after experiencing break-ins and thefts in his clinic.

Securing a dental clinic

Our consultants are ready to make a good suggestion to how to best secure your clinic with mechanical security.

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