Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains are an effective tool for keeping areas free of smoke. They can be fully integrated into existing buildings and thus they can be invisible in daily life.
The fire curtain is connected to the alarm system and when the alarm is triggered, the fire curtain automatically runs down and prevents fire from spreading.
The proven technology, high quality materials and reliable construction enable easy installation and operation with low maintenance.
Alux uses only the best European manufacturers and always delivers high quality at all levels.


  • Smoke Curtain Fire 2000 RSV-210

    Smoke Curtains

    • Tested according to European standard EN 1634-3
    • Tested ASB 3, D120 according to EN 12101-1
    • Width up to 33,570 mm with double rollers
    • Height up to 6,000 mm
    This smoke curtain is designed to fully meet the need for fire protection. The smoke- and fireproof material ensures a complete block-off and prevents fire from spreading.

Alux is an expert in solving the difficult tasks

If you need a different type of fire curtain than the one we offer here on the site, or if you have a fire protection task that requires something extra, you can contact Alux and hear about the possibilities. We have many years of experience in fire curtains and we guarantee professional solutions. We provide the best products and the best service - including mounting and cooperation with insurance companies, specifiers, contractors, etc.
You may also view and read how we solved the task for the Borgernes Hus (Citizens' House) in Odense with smoke curtains, or smoke curtains in a company in Roskilde

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