Fire Curtain Fire 4000 EW 30-60-90-120 – One of the Safest Fire Curtains on the Market

The fire curtain Fire 4000 is a solid solution for fire protection of passages and openings in buildings. The solution ranks among the safest on the market.

The Fire 4000 fire curtain is made in strong and non-flammable PU coated Wearflex fabric, which is fixed in the guide rails on both sides via in-sewn steel rods. They are secured against extraction in the guide rails in order to prevent break down by impacts of fire and smoke gases.

The curtain is used most frequently to protect passages or openings in buildings that have a special requirement for fire protection.

The Fire 4000 fire curtain ranks among the safest on the market, in the category of light fire protection.

What You get:

  • Tested according to European standard EN 1634–1
  • Classified according to EN 13501-1
  • Width up to 11.250 millimeters
  • Height up to 8.000 millimeters
  • Max 48 square meters
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Fire Protection
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  • Fire Shutter Fire 4000

    Fire Shutters

    • Tested according to European standard EN 1634-1
    • Classified according to EN 13501-2
    • EW60 E120
    • Width up to 15.000 millimeters
    • Height up to 15.000 millimeters
    • Max 90 square meters
    The solid fire shutter Fire 4000 is a great way to protect passages and openings in buildings from fire. The solution ranks among the safest on the market.
  • Fire Curtain MARC Fire 5000

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    • Tested EI2 60-C
    • Classified according to EN 13501-2
    • EN 13241
    • CE marking in accordance with EN 16034
    • Width up to 12.000 mm
    • Height up to 6.000 mm
    A heat-insulating fire shield that reduces heat radiation to a minimum.
    The temperature of the surface of the fire curtain can be kept below 140° for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Smoke Curtain Fire 2000 RSV-210

    Smoke Curtains

    • Tested according to European standard EN 1634-3
    • Tested ASB 3, D120 according to EN 12101-1
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    • Height up to 6,000 mm
    This smoke curtain is designed to fully meet the need for fire protection. The smoke- and fireproof material ensures a complete block-off and prevents fire from spreading.

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