Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are used for the same purpose as the fire shutters and can be at least as fire protecting, depending on which model you choose. The actual big difference is that the fire curtains take up a lot less space and weigh much less.
It is important to us that we offer our customers the very best fire curtains that are approved to the highest standards. That is why we only use recognised suppliers in Europe. As a starting point we therefore offer a few fire curtain models here on the site, which are the best and most used types.


  • Fire Curtain Fire 4000 EW 30-60-90-120

    Fire Curtains

    • Tested according to European standard EN 1634–1
    • Classified according to EN 13501-1
    • Width up to 11.250 millimeters
    • Height up to 8.000 millimeters
    • Max 48 square meters
    The fire curtain Fire 4000 is a solid solution for fire protection of passages and openings in buildings. The solution ranks among the safest on the market.
  • Fire Curtain MARC Fire 5000

    Fire Curtains

    • Tested EI2 60-C
    • Classified according to EN 13501-2
    • EN 13241
    • CE marking in accordance with EN 16034
    • Width up to 12.000 mm
    • Height up to 6.000 mm
    A heat-insulating fire shield that reduces heat radiation to a minimum.
    The temperature of the surface of the fire curtain can be kept below 140° for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Alux solves all tasks in a professional cooperation with our customers

If you need a different type of fire curtain or if you have a special fire protection task that requires something extra, Alux is the best partner. We have many years of experience in fire curtains and we guarantee professional solutions. We provide the best products and the best service - including mounting and cooperation with insurance companies, specifiers, contractors, etc.

Contact us on 70 26 21 40 or fill out the form on the right if you have any questions or if you would like a good deal on a customised solution.

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