Denmark's probably biggest fire shutter comes from Alux

In collaboration with 5E BYG, Alux has delivered Denmark's probably largest fire shutter to the new hospital in Southern Jutland in Aabenraa. The fire shutter has a weight of 1.6 tons and a size of just over 6x9 metres - which can present a number of challenges.

Back in 2018, Jesper Kidholm Lund from our long-standing partner 5E BYG contacted Alux with a view to creating a separation between the existing hospital and the new building.
We were selected as a supplier based on our extensive expertise in similar tasks and 5E BYG's good experience from previous projects that have lived up to both quality and service.

Jonas Madsen, Project Manager at 5E BYG:

"Alux was the only company we knew of that could deliver such a big fire shutter." 

Fire shutters of that magnitude require some preparation. In connection with the installation, Alux first and foremost had to consult with Cowi regarding the calculation of the weight on the floor, as it required two lifts and a forklift truck - a total weight of approx. 10 tons - to lift up that large a roller shutter. As this was a bit too much, we had to do what we do best: we developed a special solution to get the roller shutter installed. With 4 hoists and an accurately calculated pull-out value, we were able to lift the roller shutter and turn it around to its position between the 2 steel columns on which it could be mounted by our own trained installers.

The roller shutter is only used in the event of a fire and is thus connected to an ABA system, which ensures that the shutter is lowered.

Jonas Madsen, Project Manager at 5E BYG:

"We at 5E BYG are very pleased with Alux and we can definitely also recommend this company to others."

 Fire protection from Alux

Fire Protection
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    Based on the number of students, Tietgen business school is one of the biggest business schools in the country. After the 2016 summer holiday 1.570 students, spread out in 58 different classes, started attending the school. Like most big institutions the school has a need for protection against theft and fire.
    During January 2016 2 rolling shutters and 2 fire safe shutters have been installed in the school in Odense.
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