We call it Sun & Safe Systems

We do this because Alux has the vision, “Securing safety and well-being for human beings.” We do this through Solar Protection and security solutions.

Alux A/S is a Danish, nation-wide service company within complete solutions for solar protection and mechanical anti-theft security. In accordance with measurements and requests of the customer we deliver everything from awnings, to sun blinds and Venetian blinds, roller grilles, shutter cabinets, scissor grilles, fixed grilles and fire curtains.

We deliver and install everywhere in Denmark and have a steadily increasing export, particularly to Norway and other Scandinavian countries including the UK and Germany. At Alux we work in a goal-oriented way with the purpose of meeting the demands of the market by always being conscious of quality and community with service for the customer as the absolute point of focus.

We are ISO-certified DS/EN 9001:2008 of F & P within projecting, installation and service as well as maintenance of mechanical security in Denmark.

Alux visions

Alux has great respect for traditions of skilled workmanship. We combine contemporary technology with design and our high level of knowledge.

Our vision is:

“Securing safety and well-being for human beings.”

And we do this by securing optimal conditions for the daily lives of people.

Security and solar protection products

The product assortment is one of the largest and best of Scandinavia. We call it Sun & Safe Systems – and it covers solar protection and security.

Alux wishes to fulfil the wish of the customer in an optimal way. This happens by integrating our Sun & Safe products as a natural part into the interior and external decoration of the customer. The products are divided into 5 main groups from 1000 to 5000, where quality, functionality, design, opportunities for expansion and price are depending on the chosen group.

“Alux takes pride in having operational products with a high level of design and quality.”

Quality in the materials and the service

Alux exclusively works with leading suppliers within raw materials, semi-manufactures, systems and ready products. This is the customer’s assurance for optimal service and performance. The result is full products and services, customized for the needs of our clients.

With other words:

“Good quality at the right price.”

Co-operation and good relationships

Alux is very focused on all work being performed in close co-operation and based on human relations, both internally with employees and externally with regards to customers, suppliers and partners. We are a team consisting of faithful employees with many years of industry experience. Our employees are hand-picked and complement each other well each contributing with their own know how.

All employees collaborate across traditional disciplinary boundaries and work together in groups with e.g. engineers, designers, sales professionals, technicians, et cetera. Alux independently trains its own network partners and therefore it is possible to provide solutions to small or large assignments via competent assistance to standstill of operation or damages after intrusion.

Read about our history and fundamentals

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