The history of Alux A/S

With more than 30 years of experience Alux has worked itself up to being one of the leading companies within supply and mounting of solar protection for enterprises and private homes across all of Denmark and neighbour countries.
We have since expanded significantly into security against theft – mechanical security  and we offer multiple solutions to both enterprises and private homes.

The beginning of the Alux security enterprise

Everybody has a history but not all have a foundation. Our foundation comes of Alusol A/S, which created the setting for solar protection and mechanical security against theft for the retail business in Denmark. After a decade of positive development Bill Torben Jensen, Alusol’s Technical Director, founded Alux.

The story starts in the 60’ies but the use of solar protection in Denmark goes back to year 1800, especially by shops. The products developed gradually up through 1900with inspiration from southern countries. The production then was characterised by craftsmanship and the materials were steel and canvas.

Aluminium became known for its workability and strength in the 1960’ies and this began product development and creativity. Experiments were conducted various materials and constructions (among others steel, aluminium profiles and acryl (plastic)).

A new company sees the light of day

This became the start of the company, Akryma (acrylic awnings), which continued product development up through the 1960’ies, and new products were introduced to new segments such as offices and industrial clients. In year 1968 the activities were continued with Alusol Baldakiner, which carried on with the product development.

Alusol Systemer was established in year 1980 by Bill T. Jensen where the product development continued with focus on solar protection as well as security against theft as something new. It was due to the increasing number of break-ins up through the 1970’ies and 80’ies, and Alusol Systemer was the only company to offer complete solutions within both business areas.

This development continued positively in the following years and in 1992 Bill T Jensen established Alux. The product development continued both within Sun and Safe with focus on:

 “Securing safety and well-being for human beings.”

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