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We us cookies for giving you a better experience when using our website. Cookies are also used to collect information about which pages are read the most.

Cookies are small bits of data, which are collected in your computer when you surf on the internet. Cookies are used to register you behaviour on a specific website, so that the website remembers you next time you visit. The information registered by cookies are often used for statistics or to improve your experience of the website.

A cookie does not contain virus and is not dangerous to your computer.

We Use Cookies This way at

We use cookies at to optimise our website and its functionality. Cookies give us an optimal opportunity to give you as good an experience as possible when you visit our website. Below you can read more about which cookies uses for which purposes.

Technically Necessary Cookies

SmartWeb administers Alux uses cookies so that we can recognise you when you visit our website Moreover we use SmartWebs cookie-script to see if you have been informed about the use by our website of cookies. We do all this so that you can avoid accepting our use of cookies every time you visit

Marketing and Optimisation Cookies

Alux uses these cookies to get optimal function for our website. We use Google Analytics to analyse how you apply our website. The collected information is sent to Google’s servers where they are saved. Moreover we use cookies by exposure of Youtube films on Through this cookie Youtube registers which videos you have seen and how much of them you went through.

Can I Delete Cookies?

Cookies, which you have on your computer, can be deleted anytime. Below are instructions how to delete cookies:


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