Shop security of 40 stores in Kronen Shopping Center
One of our biggest pursuits is shop security in shopping centers like here in Kronen near Copenhagen. Read more about which security solutions we can offer to suit your needs.
Fire protection for all commercial purposes
Alux can help you with fire protection in 3 different ways. Fire shutters, fire curtains and smoke curtains. What you need where and when will depend to a certain extent on what security requirements exist in the area. Fire protection for all commercial purposes
Security and Design
Torvehallerne KBH is the largest and best food market in Copenhagen, with over 60 stands. SafeRoller from Alux provides security and shielding for the stands. Security and Design
We Believe in Good Workmanship
Solid craft from real workmen: Alux considers solid craft as an art and a blue stamp of genuine quality. Therefore we pay great respect to traditions of skilled workmanship and make it a point of honour to create products, which combine contemporary technology with design and our high level of knowledge. Our focus and respect for solid workmanship has given us a strong reputation, great loyalty and high customer satisfaction.
Alux specialises in complete solutions for mechanical anti-theft security and fire protection. As a guarantee of the best service and quality in the market, our products are certified to the highest European standards. We engineer security solutions on every scale, and everything is tailored to each individual task.




"Alux is an absolutely perfect and credible partner, whom we have worked with for almost 15 years"
Michael Kjærsgaard Hansen, Head of Operations and Security at the National Gallery of Denmark

+45 70 26 21 40

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